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Welcome to our page, all are welcome here. We are looking for members so if your interested please join.

Here you will find information on werewolves, other were creatures, ghosts and demons. True facts and myths about werewolves, transformations, symptoms, behavior and other facts.

This is a peaceful place for both werewolf human and werecreature alike.

If you do not believe in werewolves then i recommend you leave.

Site Rules

Absolutely no messaging some one to ask them to become a werewolf unless you have there permission first.
Do not pretend to be a werewolf try to study our ways in a attempt to be like us. You will be discovered and warned first then banned depending on the lies told. There is no need to do this so please dont.there is nothing wrong with admiration but there is alot wrong about lieing it also upsets the community.

Werewolf Facts:

  •  A werewolf can change at will (this only applies if the transformations are under control).
  • We are not flesh hungry slobbering monsters that are out to kill.
  • Our prey is the same prey to that of a wolf, the diet of a werewolf depends on what that werewolf likes to eat.
  • We have 3 forms the human the anthro and the wolf.
  • We have been called and labelled many names over the years.
  • Our senses are unique we smell, hear and see a 100% better than anyone else.
  • We live a long life and can live for many years. (The longest living werewolf is not yet known) though i have heard it to be 130 years old.
  • No werewolf is ever looking to harm a person but like any other animal "it will kill if it needs to".
  • Has animal instincts behaves just like a wolf.
  • Like wolves we are gentle calm animals but we all have our own personalities just like people and we all may not be nice.
  • All werewolves are highly intelligent.
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